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Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment
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POLICY Manual: Administrative Section: Admin Code No.: A S40 Old Code No.: 
Title: Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment Original Effective Date: Oct 01, 1985
Review/Revised Effective Date: Apr 01, 2009
Next Review Date: Apr 01, 2012
Cross Index: A M62, A M62a Authoring Committee/Program/Dept: Physical Facilities Approved By: AMC

Use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all areas of Southlake Regional Health Centre ("Southlake", or "the Hospital"), including, but not limited to, the inside of the building in its entirety, exterior grounds, parking garages/lots, vehicles, and bus shelters. This policy applies to staff, physicians, volunteers, students, visitors, contractors and patients while on Hospital property, effective April 1, 2009.


  • Tobacco Products - includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, herbal and all other (e.g. chewing tobacco) tobacco products.
  • Staff - for purpose of this document, refers to any individual that is employed or paid directly by Southlake, including but not limited to individuals working under contractual agreements, medical, dental and midwifery staff, Foundation staff and all others carrying out business on behalf of Southlake.
  • Student - refers to an individual who is assigned to Southlake as part of their academic training for a future position in a health care setting or other similar setting.
  • Volunteer - refers to an individual who provides service to Southlake in an unpaid capacity.
  • The Hospital - all properties and grounds owned, leased, and/or or operated by Southlake, including satellite offices and the Medical Arts Building in its entirety.


  • Managers – ensure that staff is aware of the Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy and the actions that will be taken if an individual elects not to follow the policy.
  • Physicians – advise all patients they send or see at the Hospital of the Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy.
  • Human Resources – provide new hires with a copy of the policy or a letter explaining the policy upon recruitment.
  • Corporate Communications - inform internal and external audiences of the Hospital's Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy by creating and/or approving all information materials.
  • Senior Leadership Team – support and implement the Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy and ensure that everyone in their portfolios are aware of the policy and the actions that will be taken if an individual elects not to follow the policy.
  • Security - act as the enforcing body responsible for dealing with individuals who do not follow the policy.
  • All staff - are encouraged to remind anyone using tobacco products on Southlake properties about the Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment Policy and the Smoke Free Ontario Act.


The following measures will be taken to enforce the Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment policy:

  • All staff will be asked to extinguish/dispose of the tobacco product immediately. Contravention of the Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy constitutes an infraction that may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Visitors, the general public, contractors and other individuals conducting business on Hospital property will be asked to extinguish/dispose of the tobacco product immediately. If they fail to comply they will be given a verbal reminder. Repeated violations may lead to being escorted from the property by Security.
  • Patients will be asked to extinguish/dispose of the tobacco product immediately. If they fail to do so, they will be escorted to their patient care unit and their assigned nurse will be asked to make a notation on their health record for discussion with the Clinical Care Team/Physicians.

Note: at no time are staff members expected to put themselves at risk when confronting a tobacco user. Should their efforts not be successful, staff should contact Security for assistance.

In addition, Tobacco Control Officers will be monitoring compliance to the Smoke Free Ontario Act at Southlake. All persons found not to be in compliance with the provincial legislation will be ticketed by the Tobacco Control Officer as per the penalties determined by the legislation.

Signage and Communications:

Physical Facilities will ensure "No smoking on Hospital Property" signs are displayed at appropriate places, including all entrances into Southlake buildings and/or offices and in all Southlake-managed parking lots/garages.

Corporate Communications will ensure posters advising patients that Southlake is a smoke-free and tobacco-free facility are posted throughout the Hospital and, if requested, made available to Physicians for use in their offices. A letter on Hospital letterhead will also be made available for all Physicians to share with their patients, advising them in advance of our Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy.

Smoking Cessation Support:

  • Staff/Students/Volunteers wishing to quit smoking will be provided with onsite smoking cessation support. Packages will be made available in the Occupational Health & Safety Department to assist those who require or prefer external support systems.
  • Patients with a history of smoking prior to admission and require assistance in order to refrain from smoking during their hospital stay, can request assistance and will be provided with support for the withdrawal of nicotine as determined by the individual physician and their units. They will also be provided with information on cessation if requested.
  • Visitors will be provided with information and direction required in order to be in compliance with Southlake's Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free Environment Policy.

Southlake Residential Care Village:

  • Staff, Physicians, Volunteers & Visitors – refer to the Southlake Residential Care Village smoking policy (must be in compliance with Hospital policy when on Hospital property).
  • Residents – refer to the Southlake Residential Care Village smoking policy which outlines the areas where smoking is permitted.

Traditional Use of Tobacco by Aboriginal Persons

  • As per the Smoke-free Ontario Act, Aboriginal persons will be supported in the traditional use of lighted tobacco for Aboriginal cultural or spiritual use.  These requests will be forwarded to and managed by Physical Facilities.


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