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Criteria for Art Donations

All donations must be coordinated through Southlake’s Corporate Communications Department as per the following criteria:

  • A donated piece of artwork must be an original or a limited edition/numbered print by a professional artist. Posters, popular reproductions, poetry and inspirational messaging, and hand-made crafts will not be accepted.
  • Only pieces that depict the themes of wellness and nature in optimistic and positive ways will be accepted.
  • The item must meet specified size requirements and be professionally framed and matted. Wood frames with acid-free matt and backing are preferred.
  • Donors must complete an Art Donation Form before the piece is transferred to Southlake.
  • For insurance purposes, a bill of sale, letter of appraisal, or certificate of authenticity for the artwork is required for all donations.

As Southlake serves many diverse groups of people, it may not be possible to accept all items that are presented for donation or suggested for purchase. They include, but are not limited to artwork containing obscenity, nudity, brutality, religious, mythological and/or metaphysical symbolism, or pieces that may potentially cause physical harm (e.g., sharp sculptural materials) to viewers.

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