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Breast Cancer Survivorship
Are you a Cancer Survivor?

The American Office of Cancer Survivorship (National Cancer Institute, 1996) has defined a cancer survivor this way, "an individual is considered a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis, through the balance of his or her life. Family members, friends, and care-givers are also impacted by the survivorship experience and are therefore included in this definition." To learn more about what the Office of Cancer Survivorship has to say about survivorship go to their website Office of Cancer Survivorship

The Canadian Cancer Society reports that there are more than 700,000 cancer survivors in Canada

Do you consider yourself part of this group?

Family and friends may expect you to be overjoyed that you have completed treatment, but often people feel anxiety when leaving the "safety net" of active treatment. By focusing on making positive steps towards a healthy lifestyle, you can gain control over your recovery.

As you move forward from active treatment to the post treatment phase we have designed this website to support your survivorship journey. We have provided general information on topics important to Breast Cancer survivors along with useful links to other resources. Educating yourself about healthy lifestyles, medical follow-up and coping skills will help you take control of your survivorship.

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At the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre we are proud to offer the Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment™ survivorship program developed by the Cancer Support Community and LIVESTRONG to support and empower survivors as they transition from active treatment to post-treatment. 

Cancer Transitions is an evidence-based community program for survivors of a cancer diagnosis who have completed treatment and includes sessions on each of the following topics:

  • Get Back to Wellness: Take Control of Your Survivorship
  • Emotional Health and Well-Being: From Patient to Survivor
  • Nutrition Beyond Cancer
  • Exercise for Wellness: Customized Exercise
  • Medical Management Beyond Cancer
  • Life Beyond Cancer

Participants meet once a week for six weeks for a 2.5-hour session. Group support, discussion and exercise are incorporated into each session. Other key components of the program are its interactive approach to facilitate group support and discussion about the core topic areas, as well as the utilization of practical tools and information to encourage  short- and long-term goal setting for physical and emotional well-being.

The full course is offered 3 – 4 times per year at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre. Call 905 895-4521, ext. 6627 for more information, or to register for the course.

The Cancer Transitions® website is also a great resource for those who can not attend the onsite course.

Cancer Transitions®

¹(As reported by the Canadian Cancer Society's Steering Committee on Cancer Statistics in Canadian Cancer Statistics 2011 (May 2011), 748,897 people who had been diagnosed with one or more primary invasive cancers since 1997 were alive on January 1, 2007).

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