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Volunteer opportunities are based on the current needs of requesting departments and change on an on-going basis. We have over 100 unique volunteer positions supporting patients, hospital services, community engagement, the Foundation, and the Southlake Residential Care Village, as well as the St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog program.

Patient Support Opportunities

Volunteers support patients and their families in most clinical departments both in-patient floors and outpatient clinics at Southlake.

Examples: Meal time Assistance, Emergency Department, Fracture Clinic, and Surgical Admissions as well as Courtesy (Welcoming and Way-finding), and Gift Shop Associate. Volunteer support helps Southlake deliver the Ultimate Patient Experience.

Non-Patient Support Opportunities

Volunteers support hospital departments and operations that are not directly involved in patient care. Volunteers also contribute their skills and experience in volunteer leadership roles. Examples: Research Institute, Mail Delivery, Volunteer Resources department and Laboratory volunteer.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Volunteers support programs to engage community members and organizations. Examples: Travelling Road Show, Art Gallery program and PARTY program.

Stronach Regional Cancer Centre

Volunteers support patients living with cancer at our outpatient cancer treatment facility. Examples: Radiation department, Outpatient clinic and Courtesy (welcoming and way finding). Cancer centre volunteer opportunities are only available Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. 

Southlake Residential Care Village

Volunteers at Southlake Residential Care Village visit one on one with the elderly residents, help with activities such as Bingo and Movie Night, as well as share their personal interests with the residents (for example, music or crafts). 

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

Qualified St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Volunteers and their dogs visit patients or residents at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre and Southlake Residential Care Village. Contact the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program at  905-773-3394 or link before applying to volunteer at Southlake

Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation

The Foundation generates and grows revenue, relationships and resources to advance Southlake. Volunteers share their expertise in areas such communication, event planning, fundraising, the arts, or leadership of special projects and also work behind the scenes.


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