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Preoperative Clinic
The Preoperative Clinic is located on Level 1 of the East Building and is designed to assess and educate patients who are scheduled for surgery. In addition, patients have an opportunity to ask questions, discuss their needs after surgery and how they can best plan for their return home.

Based on your medical history and planned surgery, your surgeon or family doctor will determine the need for you to visit the Preoperative Clinic.

The clinical team's primary goal is to help you feel comfortable about your surgical experience by answering any questions you may have. Therefore, if you have not been referred to the Preoperative Clinic, contact your surgeon’s office and ask for a preoperative assessment.

To book an appointment, call 905-895-4521, ext. 2162.

Initial Assessment
The assessment will be completed by a Nurse who will provide you with information about your surgery, discuss your post-operative needs and answer any questions. The assessment will also include:
  • review of medical history
  • obtain a medications history (Please bring a current list or all your medications with you)
  • history of past surgical experiences
  • allergies
  • special needs (e.g., hearing aids, etc.)
  • special surgical educational classes (depending on your procedure)

If your doctor recommends it, you will also meet with an anaesthesiologist for anaesthetic assessment.

Each appointment is designed to meet your individualized needs. You may be required to spend up to 2 – 4 hours in the Preoperative Clinic based on the assessment you require.

Please review your preoperative envelope and ensure you have gone to your family physician to have your preoperative physical prior to your Preoperative Clinic visit.

Anaesthetic Assessment
The Anaesthesiologist helps you to prepare for surgery, understand the anaesthetic options and plan your post-operative care, including post-operative pain management. The assessment will also include:
  • review of your medical history
  • physical assessment (if required)
  • discussion of an appropriate anaesthetic, based on your condition and the surgical procedure

Additional Information
Please find additional information by visiting the other pages in our section. We are here to help you feel comfortable about your surgical experience and to answer any questions you may have.

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