Samples of Diagnostic images, including an x-ray and a magnetic resonance imaging scan.
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Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Computed Tomography (CT) scans combine the use of a computer with a rotating x-ray device to create detailed cross-sectional images or "slices" of the different organs and body sections. These slices are then assembled in two-dimensional, high-resolution images by a computer. CT imaging is considered safe and the diagnostic benefit of a CT scan outweighs the risks of x-ray radiation exposure or injections of contrast media.

CT has the unique ability to present an image of a combination of soft tissue, bone, and blood vessels. For example, a conventional x-ray image of the head can only show the dense bone structures of the skull, whereas a CT image of the head allows physicians to also see soft tissue structures, such as the brain and blood vessels. As a result, CT scans provide better precision and reveal more information than a regular x-ray exam.

Physicians often use the CT scans to:

  • Promptly identify injuries to the lungs, heart and blood vessels, liver, spleen, kidneys, bowel, or other internal organs suffering trauma
  • Guide biopsies and other procedures (i.e. abscess drainages and/or minimally invasive tumours)
  • Determine the results of surgery (i.e. organ transplants and/or gastric bypass)
  • Set-up and allow for the proper administration of radiation treatments for tumours and/or gauge response from chemotherapy treatment

Preparation Instructions
To obtain preparation instructions for your upcoming test/procedure, click on the appropriate link below. You will be taken to, a reliable, certified third-party radiology website that is updated frequently to provide you with current information. 

Southlake Regional Health Centre supports the information provided on the following pages and will advise you of specific preparation instructions should they differ from the information presented on the pages below.

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Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA)

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