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Our Core Commitments

Shockingly Excellent Experiences


Together with Our Patients, Our People, and Our Partners, we strive to make lives better by achieving quality outcomes and creating value in healthcare.


Put Patients First

All of Southlake’s people—staff, physicians, students, and volunteers—are here to make our patients’ healthcare experience the best it can be.

Care with compassion – no one’s a number at Southlake.
Care with a commitment to safety and quality – nothing else will do.
Care with flexibility – each person’s needs are different and should be respected.

Give A Damn!
Care passionately about the safety and well being of our people. Without them we would not be whole. Value each other’s contributions and expertise because on this team, each of us plays an important role. Give and take, and understand that the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few. Respect each other and, realizing the impact of your words and actions, accept the consequences. Stand by one another and pull together through good times and bad. In doing so, realize we can accomplish just about anything.

Care passionately about Southlake. Take great care to positively represent the organization and its people whenever given the chance. Treat the facility and everything in it as if it were your own. Take great pride in our programs and services and realize that one can only succeed with the support of the others.

Care passionately about our community. We proudly consider ourselves a part of each of the communities we serve and, therefore, have a vested interest in the events that affect them and the people in them.

Push The Envelope
Embrace new opportunities and don’t be afraid to seek out new and rewarding challenges. Together, we must be fearless and courageous so we can make things happen. Take calculated risks, yet be the first to recognize when they are not right for Southlake and learn from the experience.

Honour Your Commitments
Walk our talk. If you say you’ll do it, do it, and if you can’t, explain why. Follow through on your commitments and remain accountable for your attitude and your actions.

Speak Up
At Southlake, every voice is valued and deserves to be heard. Speak up respectfully, listen up carefully, and respond appropriately to the input of others—together, we have the ability to improve any given situation. 

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