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Main Phone: 905-895-4521

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Southlake Regional Health Centre
596 Davis Drive
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 2P9

Clinics and Tests Directory

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring ext. 6411
ABC Prenatal Clinic ext. 2724
Anaesthesia Assessment Clinic Booking ext. 2162
Ambulatory Day Clinics ext. 2874
Angiogram - Cardiac ext. 8727
Angiogram – Renal and other ext. 2655
Arrhythmia Clinic ext. 2946
Arthrogram ext. 2665
Arthritis Clinic (TAP) ext. 2345
Asthma - Paediatic Asthma Clinic ext. 6216
Asthma Challenge Test ext. 2573
Asthma - Exercise Induced Test ext. 2573
Asthma – Adult Asthma Program ext. 2793
Asthma – TAP ext. 2345
Barium Enema ext. 2665
Barium Meal ext. 2665
Bilirubin Testing ext. 2268
Bone Densitometry ext. 2665
Brief Therapy Clinic ext. 2215
Cardiac CT ext. 2665
Cardiac MRI ext. 2665
Cardiac Catheterization ext. 8727
Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation ext. 2798
Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiogram) ext. 2665
Urgent Cardiology Clinic ext. 6500
Child & Family Clinic ext. 2215
Chiropody Services 905-715-7201
Clozapine Clinic ext. 2310
Community Cancer Clinic ext. 2460
Community Treatment Order (CTO) ext. 2790
Crisis Intervention (Adult) ext. 2666
Crisis Intervention (Child & Adolescent) ext. 2584
CT Scan (Computed Tomography) ext. 2665
Day Program (Mental Health) ext. 2666
Diabetes Clinic (Georgina) ext. 5600
Diabetes Clinic (Newmarket) ext. 5600
Early Pregnancy Loss Clinic ext. 2724
ECG (Electrocardiogram) ext. 2665
EEG (Electroencephalogram) ext. 2665
Exercise Induced Asthma Test ext. 2573
Fracture Clinic ext. 2570
Geriatric Outreach (Mental Health) ext. 6317
Hand Clinic ext. 2207
Heart Function Clinic ext. 2171
Hip School ext. 2288
Holter Monitor ext. 2665
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) ext. 2665
IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram) ext. 2665
Knee School ext. 2288
Mammogram ext. 2665
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) ext. 2665
Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Program ext. 2666
Neonatal Followup Clinic ext. 5608
Non Stress Test (Obsetrics) ext. 2724
Nuclear Medicine ext. 2665
Occupational Therapy ext. 2207
Pacemaker Assessment Followup Clinic ext. 2309
Paediatric Asthma Clinic ext. 2268
Paediatric RSV Clinic ext. 2268
Paediatric Urgent Clinic ext. 2268
Physiotherapy ext. 2207
Prenatal Education ext. 2665
Pre-operative Clinic ext. 2192
Psycho Geriatric Assertive Community Treatment Team (PACTT) ext. 2929
Pulmonary Function Testing ext. 2665
RH Immune Globulin ext. 2724
Rheumatology Clinic ext. 2345
Shoulder School ext. 2288
Speech Language Pathology ext. 2207
Schizophrenia Clinic ext. 2310
Stress Tests ext. 2665
Therapeutic Pool ext. 2207
Thoracic Surgery / Lung School ext. 7018
Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) ext. 2444
Ultrasound ext. 2665
Voiding Cystogram ext. 2665
Whipper Watson Therapeutic Pool ext. 2389
Whipper Watson Recreation Pool ext. 2389
X-rays ext. 2665

Stronach Regional Cancer Centre
For your convenience, the most commonly called extensions at the Cancer Centre are listed below. Dial 905-895-4521 and then enter the extension.   You will be connected directly to that location.

Stronach Regional Cancer Centre Automated Attendant
ext. 6820
To book, change or cancel a chemotherapy treatment appointment ext. 2975
You are a Cancer Centre patient calling to repeat a prescription ext. 6559
To book, change or cancel a physician or lab appointment at the Cancer Centre ext. 6501
To book, change or cancel a radiation therapy treatment or planning appointment ext. 6040
To speak with a Cancer Centre Dietitian ext. 6363
To speak with the Cancer Centre Social Worker ext. 2634
To speak with a Spiritual Care Provider ext. 2539
To speak with someone in the Cancer Administration office ext. 2423
To speak with someone about medical insurance or release of information related
to your care at the Cancer Centre

ext. 6596

Southlake Regional Health Centre
596 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Ontario   L3Y 2P9
Tel: 905-895-4521   |   TTY: 905-952-3062
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