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Musculoskeletal (orthopedics)
The Musculoskeletal (MSK) Program’s dedicated team of healthcare professionals specialize in treating people for bone or joint injuries or illnesses that result from an accident, degenerative condition, or from having received corrective surgery.

The MSK Program offers the following in-patient and out-patient supports and services:

Hip and Knee School
Offered in separate classes, this out-patient educational program prepares patients for:
  • What to expect before and after their surgery
  • What will happen the day of surgery
  • Hospital routines
  • Preparation for discharge home
  • Managing at home
Information is provided by a nurse, a physiotherapist, and an occupational therapist or occupational therapist assistant. Patients are encouraged to bring one friend or relative as a coach to support them.
Classes for Hip or Knee School are held at the Hospital and require a physician’s referral to attend.
Participants will be notified by telephone of their scheduled class date once their referral is received by the Hospital.
For more information or to cancel your class date, please call 905-895-4521, ext. 2288.

Musculoskeletal In-Patient Unit
The goal of the in-patient MSK team is to help each patient reach their optimal level of independence before being discharged home or to more suitable accommodations in the community. Family involvement is encouraged in terms of identifying and achieving goals that best suit the needs of their loved one.

Although your healthcare team is always available to assist you with anything you need, you will be encouraged to be as independent as possible in order to promote your recovery.

Taking Care of Pain
Following your surgery, pain can interfere with your ability to move and can result in a longer hospital stay. In order for our team to understand how you feel, you will be asked to rate your pain on a scale from 0 to 10. We will work with you to keep you as comfortable as possible during your hospital stay by providing you with pain medication, which can be given a number of different ways. Managing your pain by taking pain medication regularly is important, as it allows you to more effectively participate in your rehabilitation therapy.

Rehabilitation Services
When you arrive on the MSK in-patient unit, your healthcare team will begin to work with you to develop a therapy plan that is tailored to your individual needs. This may include working with any combination of the following rehabilitation services during your hospital stay and/or after you have been discharged home:
MSK Program Team

The MSK Program team consists of qualified healthcare professional who specialize in musculoskeletal conditions. They include:

  • orthopaedic surgeons (doctors who specialize in treating injuries or performing surgery on bones and joints)
  • rheumatologists (doctors who specialize in treating arthritic conditions)
  • plastic surgeons (doctors who specialize in performing reconstructive surgery)
  • registered nurses and registered practical nurses who are specialty trained to care for you following your surgery and throughout your in-patient rehabilitation
  • physiotherapists, occupational therapists, a dietitian, and a pharmacist to help you improve your function.
  • hospital discharge planners and Community Care Access Centre representatives. These individuals work with you and your family to develop a plan that will prepare you as soon as possible for discharge home or to more suitable accommodations in the community. Guidance in arranging supports, such as personal care assistance, homemaking services, and walking aids can also be provided by the discharge team. Discharge plans should be organized prior to scheduled orthopaedic surgery 
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