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Outpatient Tests & Clinics
Southlake offers a variety of out-patient tests and clinics to promote and maintain the health of the newborn infant. A registered nurse provides the service and assessment, while encouraging communication between the parents and the physician.

Bilirubin Testing
When your baby's bilirubin levels are high, a condition called jaundice can occur. Testing the level of bilirubin is done by a blood test. Serum bilirubin levels are drawn and the results are sent to the ordering physician. A nutritional assessment is completed and reviewed with parents, and follow-up instructions are discussed. This test can only be performed by a physician who has privileges at Southlake. For more information contact us at 905-895-4521, ext. 2268.

Early Pregnancy Loss Clinic
When a pregnancy ends unexpectedly, prior to 20 weeks, women are referred to the Early Pregnancy Loss Clinic (EPL) through the Emergency Department or the family doctor. Options and treatment will be discussed and planned accordingly as will follow up.

The cost of a newborn circumcision is not covered by OHIP and there are two fees for this procedure—a hospital fee and a physician’s fee. The hospital must receive payment prior to the procedure being performed. A receipt will be issued and must be presented to the nurse before the procedure can be performed. Ask your physician about their fee. 
Payment can be made at the Cashiers' Office located on Level 1 of the East Building at the main entrance, or the Nursing Station. Physician fees vary and it is recommended that you speak in advance to the doctor who will perform the procedure about fees and method of payment.

Paediatric Asthma Clinic
The Paediatric Asthma Clinic provides asthma education and assessment for difficult to manage asthmatics. A physician's referral is required. For more information call 905-895-4521, ext. 2268.

Prenatal Assessment Clinic
The Prenatal Assessment Clinic provides a full-range of consultative and diagnostic services for patients who do not have a family physician. Patients are followed by the Obstetrician on-call and a Registered Nurse until the transfer of care to an assigned obstetrician at 16 -18 weeks gestation. The clinic also offers all prenatal screening and referral to any other identified service.

To make an appointment call 905-895-4521, ext. 2724.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Clinic
Babies that meet the RSV criteria will be offered the injection during the flu season. A physician's referral is required. Your paediatrician will notify you and refer the baby to the clinic.

To access this clinic, call 905-895-4521, ext. 2268.

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Clinic
Babies requiring ROP eye exams and monitoring can be seen in this clinic. A physician's referral is required. Your paediatrician will refer your baby if required.

To access this clinic call 905-895-4521, ext. 2268.
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