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Whipper Watson Pool Programs

The Whipper Watson Therapy Pool is York Region's only hospital-based therapy pool. Offering a variety of programs geared at orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, our pool strives to partner with our patients and the community in helping individuals achieve their therapy goals.

All of our programs are completed in water with a temperature ranging from 90-94 degrees Fahrenheit, and are lead by a physiotherapists, a physiotherapist assistant, or trained volunteers. 

Please take a moment to review all of the programs listed below, as well as their required documents for registration consideration.

Additional Information

If you require additional information on any of our programs, please feel free to contact us via
Phone: 905-895-4521 ext. 2389
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Become a Whipper Watson Therapy Pool Volunteer

If you would like to join our volunteer team, please contact the Southlake Volunteer Office through the Volunteer page on this website.


Pool Closure Dates

Monday September 2nd, 2019
Monday  November 11th, 2019
Christmas Break: December 23rd, 2019 - January 3rd, 2020 

Fall 2019 Calendar

Time          Monday           Tuesday       Wednesday          Thursday               Friday          Saturday
8:00      Independent Pool      
8:30             8:00-9:00      
9:00        Acute Pool              Acute Pool  
9:30        8:30-10:00        Acute Pool   Water Wellness        Acute Pool         8:30-10:00          Sub Acute
10:00          8:00-11:00          9:00-11:00         8:00-11:30            9:00-11:00
10:30           Independent Pool       Independent
11:00   Independent Pool                10:00-1:00          9:00-11:00
11:30       10:00-1:00    Water Wellness          BLOCKED    Water Wellness           Lifeguard  
12:00        Lifeguard       11:30-12:30        11:00-12:30         11:30-1:30    
1:00    Independent Pool    

        Acute Pool 

1:30            2:00-4:00   Water Wellness            1:00-3:00  
2:00        Acute Pool             1:00-4:00          Sub Acute    
2:30         1:00-3:00

        Sub Acute 

3:00        Independent Pool    
4:00                 2:00-7:00    
4:30                 Lifeguard     
5:00    Independent Pool        
5:30               CTN          6:00-7:30        
6:00          3:00-7:00

         Sub Acute

        Sub Acute   
6:30      Independent Pool      
7:00              6:00-7:00 :-    

Acute Pool Program

Provides participants with the opportunity to work towards achieving their physiotherapy goals with the benefits provided by hydrotherapy. This program is taught by a therapist and a therapist assistant and is up to 6-weeks in length.
Referral: Your doctor and therapist are to complete Southlake's Pool Rehabilitation Referral form

Fee: $35*


Sub-Acute Pool Program
Provides participants with the opportunity to continue their prescribed pool exercise program following the discharge from the Acute Pool Program. This program is run by trained pool volunteers who assist participants with equipment and exercise reminders.
Referral: Your therapist is to complete our Sub-Acute Pool Referral form
Fee: $35* per month for 2x/ week, $15* per month for 1x/week (paediatric participants) 

Learn & Leave

Provides participants with the opportunity to attend 4 pool classes to learn a pool exercise program with a therapist and physiotherapist assistant.
Referral:  Your doctor and therapist are to complete Southlake's Pool Rehabilitation Referral form, please state "Learn & Leave" on the form.

Fee: $35* and includes a two-week access pass to our Independent Pool Program.

Independent Pool Program

Provides participants that have completed our Acute Pool Program or our Learn & Leave Program with the opportunity to work independently with their prescribed pool exercise program. This program is supervised by trained pool volunteers or a certified lifeguard.
Referral: Participants are to complete our Independent Pool registration form
Fee: $35* per month fee.

Water Wellness

Our Water Wellness Program is a 6-week gentle pool exercise program completed geared at improving muscle strength, endurance, and decreasing pain and stiffness. Classes are 45 minutes in length and are taught by a trained physiotherapist assistant.
Referral: Your doctor is to complete our Water Wellness package

Fee: $60* per 6-week session



Parking is not included in any of our program fees. The hospital does have a discounted parking passes called “H PASS” available at the Parking Office (East Building, Level 1, by Tim Hortons).
T: 905-895-4521 ext. 7275


*All fees are non-refundable. Exceptions to be considered on a case-by-case basis when a medical note is provided. A $15 service fee will be discounted from the total refund amount.

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