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Hand Program
The primary goal of the Hand Program is to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries, such as hand therapy and work therapy. 

Hand Program Services

Hand Therapy
The program's Occupational Therapists provide assessment and intensive treatment to patients with acute hand injuries.

The Occupational Therapists:
  • provide custom and prefabricated splints
  • provide range of motion and strengthening exercises
  • assess and treat sensory (feeling) disturbances 
  • provide functional programs to improve activities of daily living and general hand function  

Problems most commonly treated in the Hand Program are: 
  • hand and wrist fractures
  • tendon and nerve lacerations
  • ligament strains and tears
  • repetitive strain injuries 

Work Therapy
Work therapy or "work hardening" offers intensive strengthening of the upper extremities prior to an individual returning to regular work duties. Each patient is evaluated and an individualized program is designed to effectively address his or her specific needs. Program components include large and small muscle strengthening and task related activities to improve dexterity and coordination.

A doctor's referral is required to see one of the Hand Program's Occupational Therapists.

The Hand Program Team

The program's healthcare team consists of an Orthopedic Surgeon, 4 Plastic Surgeons, 7 Occupational Therapists, and consultation with Physiotherapy as needed. Four of the therapists have achieved the designation of Certified Hand Therapist.
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