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Additional Services Available in the Emergency Department
In addition to emergency medical care, the Emergency Department also offers the services listed below.

Discharge Planner
During regular hours, the Emergency Department has a Discharge Planner who is available to council patients and their families with problems related to hospital admission and discharge. Discharge Planners also assist patients and families adjust to the effects and complications of illness. Follow-up phone calls are made by the Discharge Planner when needed.

GEM Nurse
A Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) nurse is available to the Emergency Department. Her/his focus is the frail seniors who are at risk of suffering adverse events, loss of independence, and admission to long-term care. GEM nurses help to build the systems capacity to ensure frail seniors who are at risk receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. They also provide support to the Emergency Department in developing an elder-friendly  emergency healthcare environment. 

Language Interpretation
Language interpretation services are available 24 hours a ay, 7 days a week for 100+ languages and dialects, including American Sign Language, via a secure two-way video link to language interpretation professionals.

Sign Language Interpretation
American Sign Language interpretation is available to the Emergency Department 24 hours a ay, 7 days a week, via a secure two-way video link to language interpretation professionals.

Home Care Arrangements
Home care can be arranged for patients requiring intravenous medications, wound care, and other treatments prescribed by the doctor. 

Hospital Volunteers
Hospital volunteers dedicated to helping patients, their families and staff are available on a regular basis within the Emergency Department.

A dedicated Security Service is available 24/7 to support the Emergency Department.

Spiritual Care
Spiritual Care is also available 24/7 and any member of the healthcare team will be pleased to assist you in making the necessary arrangements for visits upon request.
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