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Arrival in the Emergncy Department

All patients arriving at the Hospital, whether by ambulance or on their own accord, are triaged according to the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale. Patients are assigned a triage level of 1 to 5, where Level 1 requires immediate, urgent care (potential loss of life or limb) and Level 5 require non-urgent attention (illness and ailments that can be treated by a family physician).

Patients are NOT treated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instead, they are seen based on their level of need. Although this system can lead to long waits for some patients, it remains the safest and most effective way to deliver care within a busy Emergency Department.

Upon arrival in the Emergency Department:

  • Have your Health Card ready and be prepared to take a number or speak with the pre-triage screening nurse. You will be called either by name or number to the Triage desk. An assessment of your illness or injury will be done by a Triage Nurse.

  • Bring with you a list of all current prescriptions and over the counter medications you are taking, including dosage and frequency.

  • Following your assessment at the Triage Desk, a chart will be made at the Registration Desk. After completion, you will either be assigned a bed and be taken to your room, or asked to wait in the waiting area

  • There are four care areas in the emergency department. Patients are placed in each area according to their particular health needs. Care areas may have stretchers or recliner chairs.
  • There will be times when your visit to the Emergency Department may take several hours, especially when the department is extremely busy. Please let the staff know if you conditions changes during your wait. Please notify the Triage Nurse immediately if you are experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath.

  • Patients who require admission to the hospital may be required to stay in the Emergency Department until a bed becomes available.

Southlake’s Emergency Department is a locked department which means all patients and visitors must report to the Triage Nurse, the Registration Clerk or a Volunteer to enter the inside of the department. 

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