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Ria Torr
Ria Torr
Nurse Practitioner
Endocrinology Unit
905-895-4521 ext. 2991


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Adult Program, Masters of Nursing, Certified Diabetes Educator

Associations and Affiliations:

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO), Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario (NPAO), College of Nurses of Ontario, Canadian Diabetes Association.

Research Focus:

Ria Torr's main research focus is on patients who have type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease.

Research Summary of Key Projects:

There are a number of areas within health care that Ria conducts research in. She has recently completed a retrospective chart review of patients with type 2 diabetes that have undergone coronary artery bypass surgery (CAB). The purpose of this research was to understand the unique needs of patients with diabetes who have undergone CAB surgery and identify gaps in their care.

One of the findings in this chart review was the large number of patients that require insulin at the time of discharge. This requires additional health teaching from the staff and linking in-patients with out-patients diabetes resources. Ria and the educator from the Cardiovascular Surgery program were able to provide staff with additional education around the use of home glucometers and insulin pens, and develop patients education packages to meet the learning needs of patients and their families.

Ria is presently participating in a study around medical certificates of death (MCD) with NP colleagues. Nurse Practitioners can now complete the medical certificate of death on patients in their care who have an anticipated death. This research will help identify gaps in the education around completion of this form and help develop learning packages for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners based on identified gaps and learning needs.

Research Goals:

Ria's primarily focus is on diabetes care. She wants her patients to understand how this chronic disease can be managed and that there is no shortage of studies that health care practitioner's can participate in to improve patient's quality of life. Her goal is to educate the population on how diabetes can increase the risk of health-related complications, such as infections, renal failure, neuropathy and retinopathy; this can lead to severe consequences such as amputation, dialysis and blindness.

Future Goals and Interest in Research:

Future research goals for Ria include gaining a better understanding of glycemic control of patients before they have surgery.

Scholarships and Awards:

2011 Teaching Award of Excellent, Southlake Regional Health Centre

2011 Inspire Excellence Award, Southlake Regional Health Centre

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