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Jody Levac
Jody Levac
Director of Mental Health
Junior Researcher
Adult Mental Health Out-Patient
905-895-4521 Ext. 2648


Honours Undergraduate Degree in Social Work, Masters Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Social Work, Doctorate in Health Administration.

Associations and Affiliations:

Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW), Registered College of Social Workers, and the American Association of Orthopsychiatry.

Research Focus:

Is there a relationship between retention and nursing?

What has a greater relationship towards retention; leadership or the affiliation to an association or union?

What makes a great leader in the healthcare sector?

Research Summary of Key Projects:

Currently, Jody Levac is trying to understand the relationship between retention and nursing. Keeping nurses in healthcare is crucial because there is a lack of students graduating from nursing programs. By the year 2016, the healthcare industry will be short over 116,000 nurses. Jody is researching what makes an organization competitive, the relationship between the different styles of a leader and which one offers the highest level of retention.

Research Goals:

Jody is hoping to understand what has a greater relationship towards retention; leadership or the affiliation to an association or union. There are specific types of leadership traits that organizations must foster in order to create a dynamic workforce. Jody's goal is to take the results from his research and bring them into a university setting in order to train future leaders in health care the traits they must possess in order to decrease retention in nursing.

Future Goals and Interest in Research:

Jody wishes to continuously learn about leadership concepts in order to understand what makes a great leader. Apart from this, he is also interested in looking at newer treatment forms in psychiatry. By looking at the newest developments that will help improve patient care, Jody is always looking at what's new in research and clinical trials, specifically the different types of psychotherapeutic interventions, and how they will benefit the patients and staff of Southlake.

Awards and Scholarships:

2010 Southlake Regional Health Center, Leadership Award of Excellence
U of T Fellowship
Northern Bursary from the Ministry of Health
William and Joan Reid Scholarship Fund

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