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Research and Clinical Trial

A Clinical Trial refers to a research study with the purpose to determine whether a new treatment option, drug, or other intervention is safe, effective and better than current standard care. Active participation in clinical trials is considered by Cancer Care Ontario and others to be an essential quality component of cancer treatments.

The Regional Cancer Program at Southlake supports a number of clinical trials that test newly developed procedures, drugs, or equipment. Many of these trials are open to participation by patients on a strictly voluntary basis. Our clinical trials team consists of a full-time registered nurse who is supported by the physicians and clerical assistant. The Clinical Trials Registered Nurse provides education to patients on their trail treatment and their rights during the trial, monitors their progress throughout the trial, and is available at any time to answer questions or concerns. In addition, she coordinates all trial related activities such as the selection, assessment, and randomization of eligible patients, maintaining and submitting documentation, and meeting regulatory guidelines and standards.

Each year, approximately 40 to 50 cancer patients are enrolled into one of ten active studies being performed within Southlake’s Cancer Care Program.

For more information about research at Southalke, visit the Research section of this website.
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