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Medical Oncology Team

Interdisciplanary Team for Medical Oncology

                                                                                 Medical Oncology Team

Medical Oncology refers to the administering and monitoring of drug treatment for cancer diseases. Within this team, led by Dr. Peter Anglin , Physician Lead and the manager, there are medical oncologists, specialized oncology nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, drug reimbursement specialists and other healthcare professionals.

Medical oncologists are physicians with specialty training in the medical diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer. They have expert knowledge of cancer fighting drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs, and hormone therapy. Specialized Oncology nurses are experts in the administration and monitoring of chemotherapy drug infusions, and can provide emotional support and education during treatments. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are responsible for preparing the prescribed cancer medications for the chemotherapy nurse to administer. The pharmacist and technician also work together to ensure there are no drug interactions with any other medications the patient may be taking, provide education about cancer medications, and answer any medication questions. Drug reimbursement specialists are specifically trained individuals who work closely with the pharmacist and patient to investigate alternate methods of funding for non-funded chemotherapy drugs.

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