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Discharge Services

As a publicly-funded hospital, the role of Southlake is to provide the highest level of care to patients during severe or acute episodes of sickness, disease, or injury. Once a patient moves past the acute phase of his/her illness, they are ready to be discharged and go home, with or without assistance, or to a bed in a healthcare facility which offers non-acute care (e.g. rehabilitation hospital or long-term care facility, etc.)

The following information and services are available to assist discharged patients in leaving the Hospital as soon as possible. Included are:

Discharge Instructions

As a discharged patient, you will be given specific instructions to follow once you leave the Hospital. You may also be given prescriptions for medication and a follow-up appointment time with your doctor and/or other healthcare professionals. If you have not received any follow-up instructions, or do not understand them, please ask your nurse about this before you leave the Hospital.
Before leaving the Hospital, please visit the cashier's counter located on Level 1 of the East Building to settle any outstanding charges. Patients going home on weekends will receive their bill in the mail, if any charges are outstanding. Patients on the Birthing or Maternity Unit may settle their account with the unit clerk either by credit card or debit card.

Responsibilities of Patient and Family
To ensure the discharge process proceeds as smoothly as possible, it would be appreciated if you and/or your family would:
  • Provide necessary clothing to be worn at time of discharge.
  • Pack, remove, and transport all personal belongings.
  • Fill prescriptions for medications prior to, or immediately following, discharge. For your convenience, Centric Health Pharmacy is located next to the East Main Entrance in the East Building.
  • Be available during the day (morning preferred) to take the patient home.
  • Make arrangements for the necessary equipment or modifications to be delivered/completed at home, as instructed by the healthcare team.
  • Be available to receive necessary instructions for you or your family member's care prior to discharge.
  • Inform the patient care unit of any unforeseen circumstances which may delay discharge.
  • In the case of an infant, or small child, have a certified car seat available at time of discharge.

Discharge Policy: Long-Term Care Facility
Hospitals are accountable to operate as efficiently as possible to meet the needs of the communities they are designated to serve. Ensuring that patients are discharged as soon as they no longer require an acute care bed is part of this process. It is the policy of Southlake to transfer patients awaiting placement in a long-term care facility to the first available bed where their care needs can be safely met, until a bed becomes available in their chosen facility.

To assist patients and families during this difficult and stressful time, Southlake's discharge planners and the 
Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) case workers work closely with patients and their families to help them complete application forms, offer advice, answer questions, and to provide support.

CHATS: Home at Last Program
This seven-day-a-week service offers free, escorted transportation back home, as well as settling-in assistance from a professional Personal Support Worker (PSW), making a smooth transition from hospital to home following surgery, in-patient stays, and Emergency Department visits. This service is for discharged patients over age 55 or with special needs.

The Home at Last program is provided by Community Home Assistance To Seniors (CHATS) and is funded by the Central Local Health Integrated Network.

For more information on how to arrange for this service, please call 1-866-291-1503 or visit CHATS.

Doorways to Care (DWTC)
Doorways to Care helps connect seniors with community services after a hospital stay or visit. This service supports the success of managing safely in the home and avoiding unnecessary re-admission to hospital or emergency departments. 
For more information, please call 1-866-626-0222 or visit Door Ways to Care.

As your community hospital, Southlake wants understand your healthcare needs. To improve this understanding, we survey past patients about their Hospital experience on an ongoing basis. 

Confidential survey questionnaires are mailed to randomly selected patients, approximately 6 weeks following their discharge date, by an independent third-party company. 

Your honest opinion about your care is very important to us.  We encourage you to complete the survey and return it to us in the postage-paid envelope provided. 

In some cases, the same patient may receive two surveys as a result of two recent hospital visits. If you have any questions about the survey, a contact number is provided on the form.
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