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You're the Star: Preparing kids for surgery
To help parents who bring their child to Southlake Regional Health Centre for surgery, please follow all of the instructions below.

Preparation for admission and surgery
  1. On the day of surgery, all children are greeted in Same Day Surgery, East Building, Level 1.
  2. If your child is having day care surgery, he/she will be discharged approximately 1 – 3 hours after returning from the recovery room. Day Care tonsilectomy patients stay 6 hours after surgery.
  3. Please do not bring other children to the hospital on this day, so we can better support the children who are having surgery. Please make arrangements to have other children cared for at home on the day of surgery.
  4. Infants and children less than two years of age should receive their regular formula feedings, or breastfed feedings, six hours before surgery.
  5. Children over two years of age should receive clear fluids, for example, water, ginger ale, or apple juice (not milk or orange juice) three hours before surgery.
  6. If your child has a condition such as diabetes, exceptions may be made in the oral intake only after consultation between the Anaesthesiologist and family physician or surgeon involved.
  7. A parent or legal guardian must accompany the patient (child) on admission in order to sign the consent for surgery and be available after surgery throughout the entire stay.

"You're the Star" Paediatric Virtual Tour

The "You're the Star" virtual tour video (4:04 mins) outlines what children, aged 12 and under, can expect on the day of his/her surgery, including:

  • checking in
  • getting to the operating room
  • what to expect after surgery


Studies have shown that children who are prepared in advance are better able to deal with hospitalization and surgery than children who don't know what to expect. Their parents also experience less stress.

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