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As a Regional Centre of Excellence, Southlake is committed to improving the quality of our health care and services. While we constantly strive to provide safe and effective care, we recognize that there is always more we can do to deliver on our vision of “Shockingly Excellent Experiences”.

As part of our commitment to provide quality healthcare, we monitor all aspects of our performance by using a number of key performance indicators, which are linked to our Strategic Plan. These indicators form a “balanced scorecard” which allows us to evaluate our current performance and seek ways for improvements.

Each year our Board of Directors, through the Board Committee on Quality, endorses an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) which outlines our key improvement priorities and sets annual targets for achievement. As a new requirement under the Excellent Care For All Act, June 2010, our QIP will now be posted to our website using a new standardized template provided by the Ontario Health Quality Council.

Click here for more information on and to view our Quality Improvement Plan

In addition, Southlake meets all mandatory reporting requirements of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and actively participates in a number of external studies, surveys, and reports which help to make us accountable to the communities we serve, and to allow us to compare our performance to our peers.

Our performance reports are organized under the four pillars of our Strategic Plan as illustrated below. Click on these pillars and the titles below to learn more. With each new fiscal year, we will adjust our quality and safety performance indicators to reflect any changes in focus as outlined in our QIP. Please check back often as we regularly update the page with new information and results

Our Patients and Community Our People Our Performance and Accountability Our Program and
Service Opportunities
Safety Relationships Accreditation Regional Leadership
Satisfaction Safety Performance Tertiary Care
Outcomes Performance Revenue Ambulatory Care


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