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Quality Improvement Plan
Click on the link below to read Southlake's annual Quality Improvement Plan or Progress Report.




How to Read the Quality Improvement Plan:

The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), and the Excel spreadsheet in particular, include many terms that our community may not be familiar with. While it is impossible to define every term in the document, we have provided a brief QIP Glossary which we hope will assist you as you review our plan.

Southlake’s QIP is made up of the following::

A summary document that provides a brief overview of our QIP, highlighting our top priorities for the year. Also included is a summary of the manner and extent to which the compensation of our executives is linked to their achievement of performance targets.

A detailed spreadsheet that includes:

  • A core set of indicators that the Ministry has required us to report on and additional individual improvement objectives set by Southlake.
  • Our recent performance for the period specified for each selected measure and our targets for improvement.
  • A priority ranking for each objective, with the highest priority given to those objectives where we have identified a gap between our current and our potential best performance or peer high performance.
  • Strategies for achieving our improvement goals are included
The executive sign off includes a declaration by the Chair of our Board of Directors, Chair of the Board Committee on Quality and the President & Chief Executive Officer, which confirms that Southlake Regional Health Centre is in full compliance with the requirements under the Excellent Care for All Act.

How to read the QIP Progress Report:

As part of the annual QIP submission, Southlake is required to include a report on our progress against priority targets set out in our previous year QIP. In keeping with our commitment to public transparency, our annual Progress Report is posted along with annual QIP’s.

The report details information included in the previous year QIP, our progress towards targets and comments explaining our performance.



In June 2010, the Ontario Government passed the Excellent Care of All Act (ECFAA). This legislation fosters a culture of continuous quality improvement where the needs of patients come first. More information on ECFAA can be found on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website.

As a requirement of the Act, health care organizations, such as Southlake Regional Health Centre, must develop an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) using a new provincially standardized template. Once approved by our Board of Directors and our President & Chief Executive Officer, the QIP is submitted to the Ontario Health Quality Council to assist in province-wide reporting. The QIP is also to be posted on our website in order to highlight for our community Southlake’s commitment to:

  • delivering high quality health care;
  • creating a positive patient experience;
  • ensuring that it is responsive and accountable to the public;
  • holding its executive team accountable for its achievement; and
  • being transparent.

Here at Southlake, many of the performance measures within our QIP have been previously available to our public in the “Our Performance” section of our website. We will continue to update our progress on our QIP objectives throughout the year. The indicators on this site will be adjusted annually to reflect our current improvement plan.


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