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Emergency Department
Serving the geographical area of northern York Region and South Simcoe County, Southlake Regional Health Centre's Emergency Department provides emergency care to approximately 98,000 patients each year. It is considered the "front door" of the Hospital, where 50% of all in-patient admissions originate.
The illnesses treated in the department range from minor to life threatening. The Emergency department provides 24-hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. A dedicated team of healthcare professionals, security staff, and volunteers staffs the department, all to assist you.

It may be difficult to know if your problem is serious enough to warrant a visit to an Emergency Department. If in doubt, go to your nearest Emergency department.

The Emergency Program's vision is to provide outstanding, customer friendly Emergency Care to our community and to be known for our efficient, responsive service and high quality outcomes.

If the needs of the patient are outside the scope of what Southlake can provide (e.g. neurosurgery, dialysis) then the patient will be assessed, stabilized, and transferred to a hospital that offers specialized care that is designed to meet the patient's needs.

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