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Total Joint Solutions - Rapid Assessment Clinic (TJS-RAC)

As of May 1st 2018, a new provincial mandate requires all of Ontario to develop a centralized intake process for patients referred for knee and hip joint replacement surgery. There is an additional Ministry mandate for all patients referred for knee and hip joint replacement surgery to have an initial assessment by an advanced practice practitioner to determine appropriateness for surgery. At Southlake Regional Health Centre, the pre-surgical assessment will be done in The Arthritis Program. It will be called Total Joint Solutions-Rapid Assessment Clinic (TJS-RAC).


Hip and Knee Replacement:

As of May 1, 2018 all people in Ontario who are considering hip and knee replacement surgery will need to have a referral sent to a Central Intake Centre. This referral is sent by their Primary Care Provider. Once your referral is received at this Central Intake Centre, it will be directed to the hospital you choose to have your surgery at. You may choose a specific surgeon, or you may choose to see the first available surgeon.

Before you see a surgeon, a pre-surgical assessment will need to be completed by an Advanced Practice Provider to determine if you are a surgical candidate.

If you are a surgical candidate, you will receive valuable information, attain tips and tools, and get resources to best prepare you for surgery. At Southlake Regional Health Centre, this new initiative, consisting of an assessment and education process is called Total Joint Solutions (TJS) - Rapid Assessment Clinic (RAC).

TJS-RAC is aimed to create shorter wait times and provide patients with resources to support their care journey.

What you can expect as part of TJS- RAC:

  1. Once your primary care provider has sent in your Central Intake Referral Form, you should be contacted by a TJS-RAC staff member to book an assessment appointment within two to four weeks of the referral being received.

  2. At the TJS - RAC, an assessment will be completed by an Advanced Practice Provider. The comprehensive assessment includes physical, social, and lifestyle history along with a review of your x-rays. You will be asked to bring in a copy of your x-rays.

  3. Patients identified as appropriate surgical candidates will have an appointment scheduled with an Orthopaedic Surgeon to finalize next steps at his/her office. All patients can choose a specific surgeon or the first available surgeon.

  4. If you are a surgical candidate, you will be enrolled into a comprehensive group education class called ‘Prehab’. Prehab will help you understand what you can expect during surgery, helpful tips and strategies to ease your recovery, and exercises to help you best prepare before and after surgery.

  5. If you aren’t ready surgery, or if surgery is not right for you at this time, you will receive recommendations and education to help you manage your condition.

The Team:

Our diverse team will take care of you every step of the way - from your assessment through to surgery. The TJS-RAC Advanced Practice Providers have extensive knowledge and experience in musculoskeletal assessment, and are focused on making sure you get the treatment that's best for you.

Southlake Regional Health Centre - Orthopedic surgeons providing hip and knee replacements:

  • Dr. Thomas Bertoia
  • Dr. Patrick Gamble
  • Dr. Moo-Hyung Lee
  • Dr. Christopher Lindsay
  • Dr. Cleo Rogakou
  • Dr, David Walmsley


Total Joint Solutions - Rapid Assessment Clinic Team:

  • Wendy Daechsel - Program Support
  • Sheryl Krawiec - Program Support
  • Julia Thomas - Advanced Practice Practitioner
  • Sue Charette - Advanced Practice Practitioner
  • Lois Derrick - Advanced Practice Practitioner
  • Lisa Caldana - Advanced Practice Practitioner


How to Reach Total Joint Solutions - Rapid Access Centre:

The Arthritis Program (TAP)
Southlake Regional Health Centre - The Tannery Mall
465 Davis Drive, Suite 403
Newmarket, Ontario

905-895-4521 ext. 2468



Referrals to the Total Joint Solutions – Rapid Assessment Clinic must be made by your primary care provider. The Referral form is located here.

Central Intake Fax Number: (855) 346-9138


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