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Research Volunteer Program
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Return on Investment

Benefits for Summer Research Volunteers

As a Summer Research Volunteer, we believe this experience helps to provide you with significant insight into a large community hospital and the complexities of conducting research and quality assurance activities in such an environment. 

The skills that you would acquire through this program are valuable for future careers in academia and/or careers in any scientific field. We will provide you with a great hands-on experience, the ability to work with clinical teams, potentially with patients and families, and to do meaningful work that will impact the lives of others. Over the summer, we will provide one or two workshops relevant to undergraduate students and give you an opportunity to present your work at the end of the summer.

We will also ask for your feedback on how to improve the Summer Research Volunteer Program and we will provide you with proof of attendance and contribution.

Benefits for Southlake

From the Hospital’s point of view, we are delighted each year with the quality of the research and quality assurance projects that come forward and the outstanding quality of the final project reports. Southlake staff and physicians are able to gather new information, identify new trends, and understand problems and solutions more clearly. They are also often able to implement changes based on the data that comes forward from summer projects.

We know our patients benefit as well, through our better understanding of what works best. We also know that the very fact that we engage in some 40 – 60 projects each summer makes Southlake a dynamic, evidence-based, and leading edge hospital. Our clinicians and physicians benefit from the skills, abilities and great questions asked by our Summer Research Volunteers, many of whom will eventually enter the healthcare field upon graduation or after finishing graduate programs.

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