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Research Volunteer Program
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Summer Research Projects

A variety of hospital programs and services develop research and quality improvement projects on an ongoing basis and submit them to the Research and Innovation Department in anticipation of the Summer Research Volunteer Program. The focus of these projects varies from year to year and from program to program. 

The questions posed by the research projects are often about:

  • the efficacy of a particular treatment or intervention, or
  • about describing a particular patient population, or
  • evaluating data to identify trends or characteristics of a patient group.

The quality improvement projects seek to understand more about the services we deliver and the effectiveness of what we do.

This project work is conducted between May to August each year under the supervision of a Southlake lead.

Each project is supported by a clinical leader, (i.e. program manager, nurse practitioner, clinician, educator or physician) and normally requires one or several volunteers to collect, capture, abstract, synthesize, and report on the findings. 

Note: we do not have wet labs, animal labs and do not conduct research on new molecules.

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