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Stress Test Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What should I wear to a Stress Test?
A) Comfortable, safe shoes, preferably running shoes. You will be asked to remove all clothing from the waste up, so pleased come dressed in shirt and pants.
Q) Can I eat breakfast if I am having a Stress Test?
A) Yes. A light breakfast is allowed with all types of Stress Test (Nuclear, Stress Echo and Regular Stress tests. There is a caffeine restriction for 24 hours only with a Nuclear Stress Test.
Q) I am having a Nuclear Stress Test. How long will it take?
A) It will take an average of five (5) hours for completion of this test.
Q) I am not very mobile. How can I walk on the treadmill for a stress test?
A) There are different ways of doing a Stress Test. If ordered by a doctor, we can chemically stress the heart (e.g. Dobutamine/Persantine).
Q) Will I be getting a needle (i.e. intravenous) with a Stress Test?
A) With a regular stress test no needle is involved. With a Nuclear Stress Test you will be receiving an intravenous.
Q) I am claustrophobic. Tell me more about the camera pictures?
A) There will be two sets of pictures taken for the Nuclear Stress Test. Each picture will take 10 minutes. You will not be entirely enclosed in the machine and it will not touch you. You will be asked to raise both arms above your head and remain still for the scan.
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