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Holter Monitor Frequently Asked Questions
Q) I have to wear a Holter monitor. Are there precautions or side effects?
A) Do not get the monitor wet. You can use a cell phone or be close to a microwave without issue. The monitor is simply recording your heart activity and will not produce any symptoms.
Q) When I have my Holter monitor on can I have a shower?
A) If 7 to 14 day Holter test, the monitor can come off when showering. We will provide the patient with extra electrodes and instructions tp reconnect.
If 24 to 72 hour Holter test you wont be able to remove the monitor to take a shower.
Q) Can I bring the Holter monitor back after work (ie late) ?
A) Generally speaking no. We rely on patients to bring the monitor back at the requested time. This will ensure that we have enough monitors for the rest of our patients.
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