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Dramatic progress has been made in cardiac care and interventions but the rise in patients with chronic heart diseases has fuelled the need for further medical innovations, especially for new diagnostic techniques.

Dr. Peter Zeman, is the medical director of non-invasive and ambulatory services —the backbone of Southlake’s Regional Cardiac Care Program, utilizing leading-edge technology to enable diagnosis of abnormal heart function, either through scheduled tests or a visit to the urgent cardiac clinic.

Patients seen by this team have any number of typical or atypical symptoms.

“There is a wide spectrum of how someone presents with heart issues,” Dr. Zeman says. “For some, it is a slow progression over the years. Others do not equate their symptoms with their heart. What is most important for people to realize is that not all heart disease presents with sudden crushing pain.” (Lee Ann, last sentence would make a great pull quote).

Dr. Zeman, with specialties in both cardiology and advanced cardiac imaging, joined Southlake in 2008. Throughout his medical training, he has worked in many communities across Ontario as well as undertaking subspecialty training in Washington, D.C.. Today, he is proud to be part of one of the largest community-based cardiac programs in Ontario, a program that “rivals university-affiliated hospital programs in terms of the number of cardiologists and the breadth of treatment offered.”

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