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Maintaining a Personal Touch
Dr. Remo Zadra is one of the first cardiologists to join Southlake as it launched theRegional Cardiac Care Program. He joined Southlake as Director of Echocardiography and has since been named Chief for cardiology.

Those titles are fairly high level and fitting of Dr. Zadra's abilities, but to his patients, Dr. Zadra is old school. That is likely one of the reasons he received the Southlake physician Award of Excellence in 2011. It is not uncommon to see Dr. Zadra provide a more comfortable spot for an elderly patient sitting on a bench in a waiting room or give a female patient an extra gown so she may feel more comfortable when going for testing. It is his phone calls, though, that have most of his patients buzzing;he personally calls patients he treats to follow up with them on their recovery.

Dr. Zadra completed medical school at the University of Ottawa and received his internal medicine specialty training in Toronto. After spending two years completing a cardiology fellowship in Haiifax, he returned to Toronto for a fellowship in echocardiography, before coming to Southlake to develop the hospital's echo lab, a key testing component for heart function. At the time, Dr. Zadra remembers, he had "no idea there was a city up here."

Dr.Zadra considers the echo lab vital, helping his colleagues to provide advanced services. This state-of-the-art lab performs patient testing to provide physicians with the highest quality information about the size and shape of a patient's heart, how well its chambers and valves are working, how well blood flows through and if the muscle is performing properly.

"The echo lab provides key information," Dr. Zadra says. Take minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, which was recently introduced at Southlake and available in very few cardiac centres: "The technical resources in the lab allow surgeons to look at the mitral valve in a very advanced way."

Even with his own contributions, Dr. Zadra is amazed at just how far the program has come at

"There were two cardiologists in 2000, now we are over 20," he says. "We have developed an amazing electrophysiology program respected worldwide. Our cardiac surgeons are remarkable; that they are undertaking cutting-edge surgeries is very exciting stuff.  Dr. Zadra credits the program's success to the fact that there are no egos here. "Everyone just rolls up their sleeves and says: 'Let's get the job done."
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