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Your first appointments

Appointment #1 Introduction to the Program.

We will: 

  • Discuss the importance of cardiovascular rehabilitation and how it can benefit you.
  • Discuss health concerns such as chest pain and stroke symptoms.
  • Discuss healthy changes you can make prior to starting the program.
  • Describe the program and plan your next steps to participate.


Appointment #2  Exercise Cardiopulmonary Exercise Stress Test (CPET) on treadmill or bike

In order to safely participate in the program, all participants are asked to complete  a specialized stress test to assess your ability to exercise. This can be done on a treadmill or bicycle. For those with limited mobility, other modalities can be considered.

  • Remember your appointment time is your ARRIVAL TIME. Plan to be here 60 - 90 minutes. This will include some wait time. 

  • Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes. You will be on the treadmill or bike for a maximum of 15 minutes

  • If you are diabetic: bring your glucometer and a snack

  • Bring a bottle of water

  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Stress Test (CPET) is the gold standard for exercise testing which includes wearing a neoprene mask or having snorkel-like mouth piece in your mouth and nose plugged.


Appointment #3 Track Trial

At the Track Trial, you will complete a walking test based on your stress test results and learn:

  • How to exercise safely
  • How to self manage potential exercise related concerns
  • How to document your exercise


  • Be prepared to be here for 2 hours
  • After you have checked in at the front desk, the first hour will be in the classroom. You will receive a stop watch and lap counter, review how to use them and how to check your heart rate. You will receive exercise instruction and learn how to fill out an exercise log.

  • The second hour will be using these tools. You will trial a walking pace based on your stress test and receive an exercise prescription.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and running shoes

  • If you are diabetic: bring your glucometer and snack (otherwise you may not be able to exercise)

  • For safety reasons, family members/supportive partners may not exercise on track. They are welcome to sit at the tables provided.


6 Month Exercise Program

After completion of the initial 3 appointments, your 6 month exercise program will begin. You will start each weekly session in the classroom. A “mini talk” (short discussion on cardiovascular health/exercise) will occur for the first 30 minutes. You will then move to the track where participants will walk for up to 1 hour (depending on your individualized exercise prescription). Each weekly class can be up to 1.5 hours.

Education Classes

  • There are TWO, 2-hour required education classes to give you the information you need to be successful in the program. Topics: Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Nutrition, Medication Information and discussing the Impact of Cardiovascular Disease

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