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Dr. Yaariv Khaykin

Name: Dr. Yaariv Khaykin

Title: Electrophysiologist

Department: Regional Cardiac Care Program

Education: Doctor of Medicine - 1996
- Toronto Internal Medicine and Cardiology training
- Toronto Training in electrophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic
- (2002 to 2004)

Joined Southlake in 2004 to start the Atrial Fibrillation and Complex Ablation program, which has proven to be one of the most successful in the country.

Dr. Yaariv Khaykin

Previous Hospital: Cleveland Clinic

Procedures performed: His clinical expertise includes coronary angiography, electrophysiology studies and ablation procedures, pacemaker, ICD and CRT implantation, and laser lead extraction.

Research: Dr. Khaykin has a number of publications in leading journals with research interests involving multicentre controlled trials comparing methods of AF and VT ablation, 3D and ultrasound guidance of ablation, novel antiarrhythmic agents, and health economics.


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