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Oncology Clinical Trials
A clinical trial is a research study that tests if a new treatment or approach to caring for cancer patients is safe, effective, and possibly better than the current treatment or approach.

What are the benefits of clinical trials?

Many agencies, including Cancer Care Ontario, the agency charged with coordinating cancer care in the province, consider clinical trials to be essential to improving the quality of cancer treatments. Most of the ways that we treat cancer today were tested and shown to be effective through clinical trials.

Participating in a clinical trial gives patients an opportunity to help contribute to the global fight against cancer. The availability of trial treatments close to home gives patients, who might benefit from the treatments under study, the opportunity to receive the most-up-to-date and leading edge treatments available.

How do I participate in a trial?

If you are interested in joining a trial, please speak with your Oncologist. Eligible patients will be invited for specific studies, but participation is always voluntary.

Other staff working on clinical trials may also approach you to consider volunteering to participate in a trial.

Each trial has a protocol, eligibility criteria, benefits, and risks. It is important to understand these before you make a decision to participate. The Clinical Trials team is available to help support patients throughout the process. They provide education on the trials and patients' rights, monitor progress, and coordinate the investigation to meet regulatory guidelines and standards. While trial participation may contain some unknowns, trial treatments are tightly regulated, and are considered the highest standard of care.

Current Clinical Trials at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre

The Cancer Centre supports a number of research projects by collaborating with government, private agencies, and well-established Canadian and international cooperative trial groups. All trials are reviewed and approved by Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board and the Research Ethics Board at Southlake. These affiliations show our commitment to providing access to some of the newest trials.

Each year, approximately 30 to 40 cancer patients are enrolled into one of 10 active studies (phases II and III) at the Cancer Centre.

We conduct trials in systemic therapy (chemotherapy), radiation therapy and combination chemo/radiation therapy, as well as symptom control studies.

For active trials at the Cancer Centre visit the Ontario Cancer Trials website.

For more information please contact: Oncology Clinical Trials Team at 905-895-4521, ext. 2073   

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