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Diagnostic Assessment
In most cases, detecting cancer at an early stage increases the chances of successful treatment. Screening is the early detection of cancer by testing or checking for disease in a group of people who don't show any symptoms of the disease. In building the Regional Cancer Program at Southlake, the most advanced diagnostic technologies were incorporated.

The Diagnostic Assessment Unit (DAU) plays a critical role in the Regional Cancer Program at Southlake and has been designed to provide both rapid and streamlined assessment procedures so that, under one roof, Southlake patients will have quick access to all the tests required to make a definitive cancer diagnosis. The DAU allows for shorter examination times, immediate access to digital images by physicians, greater capacity for more patients to be seen, and improved management and accessibility of diagnostic imaging files all translate to better care.

The Breast Diagnostic Assessment Unit is a fast-track service for women who require further assessment following suspicious findings on a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy or physical examination. In one comfortable location, women have rapid access to digital mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy, allowing for expedited clinical decisions and shorter time to treatment, if required. The support of dedicated healthcare providers who help to coordinate assessment procedures is an added benefit. The goal is to provide the patient with a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan as quickly as possible. This often happens close to two weeks after a suspicious finding.

Referring to the Diagnostic Assessment Unit

Prostate Assessment Clinic Physician Referral Form (SL1568)
Form for physician to refer patients to the Prostate Assessment Clinic in the Diagnostic Assessment Unit.

Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program Referral Form (1697)
Physicians use this form refer patients to the Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program.

Diagnostic Assessment Unit Breast Clinic Physician Referral (SL0806)
Physicians must use this form to refer patients to the Diagnostic Assessment Unit Breast Clinic.

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