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Nutrition Workshop

     Weight Management Program

  • Lose 10, 15, 20 or 30 pounds, lower your cholesterol, triglycerides & blood pressure, look better, or stay healthy as you age
  • Achieve and maintain your ideal body weight & how to finally put an end to yo-yo dieting

  • Eliminate fat, sugar, carbohydrate cravings and emotional eating obstacles

  • Understand the role of calories, nutrients, vitamins & minerals in diet & optimize intake

  • Learn everything about the food groups, appropriate serving sizes & recommended healthy portions at meals & snacks

  • Discover strategies for optimum meal planning and how to revise your favorite recipes

  • Weekly food record analysis by the dietitian who will set 2 goals foreach subsequent session

  • Supply a Program Manual with over 50 pages of evidence-based nutrition information and practical tips on how to improve your weight and overall health

  • Support & guidance during every session to help you stay motivated and on track towards reaching your goals

    For workshop details please speak with your Registered Kinesiologists .



AISLE-by-AISLE GROCERY SHOPPING TOUR: Heart-Smart Shopping & ABC's of Label Reading

  • With so much to choose from and so many claims, what foods should one be putting in their grocery car?

  • Fun and informative aisle-by-aisle supermarket tour that will translate nutrition information into practice:

  • Learn how to read labels (Nutrition Claims, Nutrition Facts Table, Ingredient List)

  • Learn how to select lower fat & sugar products

  • Learn how to choose the heart healthiest oils, which foods to fill the cart with and which foods to leave behind.

  • A grocery shopping list with healthier options to buy & a summary of the label reading guidelines” are also included

  • Nutritious and heart-friendly snack will be provided half way to re-energize


For workshop details please speak with your Registered Kinesiologists



  • Cook and enjoy a 5 course delicious & nutritious heart & waist-friendly meal

  • Learn how to scale sugar and fat back in recipes; role of sugar alternatives; types of fiber and how to increase it in your diet

  • Recipe Makeover Tips and Step-by-Step Guide to Heart-Healthy Cooking that will transfer your favorite recipes into a heart & weight friendly version

  • Learn about the Top 10 Heart Healthy Superfoods and how to incorporate them into your daily eating

  • Receive a collection of over 60 heart-healthy recipes from our dietitian and a variety of accredited organizations


For workshop details please speak with your Registered Kinesiologists.

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