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Electrophysiology (EPS)

Individuals who suffer from irregular heart rhythms or arrhythmia can greatly benefit from an electrophysiology study. An EPS involves the insertion of catheters ( thin plastic tubes) into different regions of the heart in order to study and map the electrical circuits of the heart. At Southlake, a sophisticated computer is used to create a three-dimensional, multi-coloured image that shows electrical signals passing through the heart. From this physicians can locate the source of the abnormal rhythm and then guide a catheter to the exact location to ablate, or burn, the pathway of the abnormal rhythm.






On August 29th, 2017, Olga became the first patient in North America to have a Confirm RX heart monitor implanted. The device is compatible with a special app that allows you to record symptomatic events, view past and upcoming transmissions and ensures that you stay connected with your doctor. This makes monitoring your heart’s rhythm easy, effective, and discreet.

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