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One of the best ways to have the best possible health care experience is for you to work closely with your health care team. Your team is made up of many different members who will provide you with different types of care and services. This is called an interprofessional team. Your interprofessional team members all have special roles to play in your care, but they share the responsibility of providing you with excellent quality of care, a comprehensive treatment plan and ensure the highest levels of patient safety. More...
In order to create the Ultimate Patient Experience, Southlake's Cardiac program also established a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The role of the PFAC is to improve the care experience by partnering with patients and family members. Patient and Family Advisors share their unique experiences and advise on issues and decisions that impact the delivery of healthcare and the quality of experience for the next patient or family members.

However, you too have an important role to play in your own care. The best way to ensure a great health care experience is for you to be an active member of your interprofessional healthcare team. It is important for you to have the information you need to understand your care plan, recognize important things to watch for, and be aware of the many steps along the way. Having this information will help you to have what you need to be an active participant in decisions to be made. If you have a concern or question please ‘speak up’ to one of your team members.


  Cardiologists   Electrophysiologists   Anesthesiologists
  Dr. R. Chun   Dr. Y. Khaykin   Dr. M. Colmenares
  Dr. D. Fell   Dr. A. Pantano   Dr. C. Coutinho
  Dr. J. Habot   Dr. B. Tsang   Dr. T. de Waal
  Dr. A. Hess   Dr. A. Verma   Dr. O. Demir
  Dr. T. Hess   Dr. Z. Wulffhart   Dr. L. Hutchinson
  Dr. L. Porepa       Dr. T. Ip
  Dr. M. Srivamadevan   Cardiac Surgeons   Dr. D. Kim
  Dr. J. Symmes   Dr. B. Moon   Dr. S. Lyn
  Dr. M. Thangaroopan   Dr. S. O’Blenes   Dr. F. Manji
  Dr. R. Zadra   Dr. C. Peniston   Dr. W. Nates
  Dr. P. Zeman   Dr. C. Teng   Dr. K. Railton
      Dr. K. Teoh   Dr. S. Segal
  Interventional Cardiologists       Dr. R. Smyth
  Dr. W. Cantor   Cardiac Intensivists   Dr. M. Sullivan
  Dr. L. Goldman   Dr. J. Cohen   Dr. M. Yee
  Dr. S. Miner   Dr. P. Lugomirski   Dr. R. Yue
  Dr. S. Plante        
  Dr. M. Prabhakar        



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