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Getting Started

What You Need To Do To Get Started

Documents to complete and bring with you on Orientation Day:

  1. Receipt showing you have paid your deposit for your ID Badge, Uniform and Parking Tag. (mandatory)
  2. Completed TB Test, Vulnerable Sector Screening, and 2 References (if not already submitted)
Paying the Deposit for ID Badge, Uniform and Parking Tag

Deposits are required in order to obtain your ID Badge, Volunteer Uniform and Parking Tag. The deposits will be refunded upon return of these items. In addition to the amounts noted below, a non-refundable $2.00 processing fee will be applied.

NOTE: failure to pay the necessary deposit will result in a delay in your volunteer placement.

Follow the steps below to pay your deposit on-line:

Have your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card handy.
  1. Visit the online payment page
  2. Under "acount"  type in Volunteer Uniform
  3. Under "Invoice Date," enter today's date
  4. Under "Patient Name," type in your name
  5. Under "Contact Name" enter Community Resources Department
  6. Under"Contact Phone Number," enter yourphone number
  7. Under "Amount," type in $25
Ensure you print the receipt and bring it with you on Orientation day in order to receive the above items.
If you are unable to pay in advance, please contact Facility Operations at 905-895-4521, ext.2935 or ext. 2561.
Facility Operations Hours: Monday – Friday, 0800 – 1230 hours and 1300 – 1600 hours.

What You Need To Do At The End Of Your Volunteer Placement

Thank you for choosing to volunteer at Southlake. We hope you enjoyed the experience. Here are a few things to do in order to complete your volunteer placement and get your deposit refunded:

  1. Return your badge/pendant/uniform/parking tag and initiate the refund for your deposit:
    • If you paid your deposit on-line, Volunteer Resources will request Finance to issue you an on-line refund once you have returned all the above items.
    • If you paid your deposit in Facility Operations, they will refund the deposit to you during regular business hours once you have returned all the items to Volunteer Resources

Note: all items must be returned within 30 days of the end of your volunteer placement to qualify for a refund.

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