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What is a Health Link?

Health Links are designed to bring together your care providers to help you and your care team manage your complex health care needs and coordinate your care with a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP).   A Care Provider may talk to you about developing a CCP or you may decide on your own that you would like to have one. 

What is a Coordinated Care Plan?

Your CCP documents your own health care goals and plans for your care, so you do not have to answer the same questions each time you seek medical services. Your CCP assures that your care team will have the most up to date information and can coordinate the best care for you. Your CCP also includes important information such as who to contact if you have questions about your health care.

How will HealthLinks benefit you?

Your Health Links Lead Care Coordinator will help to navigate the health system and will be your care partner, resource, and primary point of contact. A Lead Care Coordinator will be assigned to you.

Your Coordinated Care Plan will enable your care team to work towards the health goals that matter to you and will ensure that your needs/goals and your services are very clear to everyone involved in your care.

All members of your health care team, including hospital staff, will have access to the same information. This helps them provide the right care, at the right time, and at the right place for you.

What is my role in HealthLinks?

Your role is to be an active partner in managing your health care and reaching your goals. Know who is involved in your care, how to contact them, and how they support your Coordinated Care Plan.

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