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Types of Research

The Research Institute at Southlake has identified seven areas for research at the Hospital. It is likely each research project will integrate two or more areas of research as well as more than one program or service within the Hospital

1. Health outcomes and evaluations
Examples: clinical outcomes related to diagnostic and treatment procedures; examination of delivery models against health and non-health outcomes (cost, accessibility); population health; community health; wellness and prevention

2. Health system management
Examples: health economics; health policy; resource management, efficiencies and effectiveness; health decision-making

3. Health information and analytics
Examples: health data analysis; personalized medicine; predictive medicine; IT innovation; networked health; participatory medicine

4. Clinical trials
Examples: medications and device trials

5. Assistive and adaptive technology and biotechnology
Examples: remote monitoring; devices; adaptive aids; advanced interventional techniques; advanced imaging and diagnostics

6. Teaching and learning outcomes
Examples: assessment of teaching or learning models; outcomes of inter-professional education on care delivery and practitioner satisfaction and competence

7. Clinical genetics

Examples: predictive medicine; personalized medicine
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