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Parking and Commuting Options
Whether you choose to drive, take public transit, or carpool, this page will provide you with options regarding your transportation arrangements.

·         Click here to view Southlake's Staff and Volunteer Parking Lot Map. All volunteers are required to park in Lots #5 or #6. Please note: Volunteers attending an orientation session can park in the Visitor's Lot.

Consider alternative forms of transportation including carpooling, transit, walking and biking

smart commute modes


Southlake partners with Smart Commute Central York to promote sustainable modes of commuting. We encourage Our People to make transportation choices that help to reduce the stress on our health, wallets, roads and the environment. Use the Smart Commute Trip Tool* to explore your options, match your trip with others and track the impacts of your transportation choices. Register and join the Southlake network and SCCY network from the pull-down menu. 


  1. Take Transit. Let somebody else handle the stresses of driving. Monthly passes are tax deductible. Southlake is conveniently located on YRT routes 50, 54, 55, 58, 520 and 520, www.yrt.ca. And within walking/cycling distance of the GO bus and train stations, www.gotransit.com. The Trip Tool allows you to explore your transit options.

  2. Walk.Walk or run to work. It is a great strategy for introducing exercise into your daily routine. You'll save money and improve your health. Locker rooms including shower facilities are available to all staff by the West Staff Entrance. The Trip Tool provides you with route options and calculates calories burned.

  3. Bike.Bike to work or if your commute is too far, take your bike with you on the bus. Free covered, secured, and video monitored card-access bike parking is available to all Southlake staff on the main level of the Parking Garage. Register for access at the Parking Office. All YRT/Viva buses are now equipped with bike racks More information. Check the Trip Tool for your bike route options.

For questions regarding your commuting options at Southlake, contact your Southlake Smart Commute Workplace Representative Katharine Gatto, kgatto@southlakeregional.org


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