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Required Reading
You are required to review the information below prior to your in-person orientation.

Dress Code Policy
Maintaining a professional image is an important aspect of the service we provide to the Southlake community. Please review this policy to familiarize yourself with the expectations of attire within your specific department. Please note that jeans, running shoes, and sweatshirts are not acceptable at any time you are at work, unless specifically permitted in your work area.

An overview of Southlake's expectations regarding the appropriate footwear based on your role within the hospital. 

Our Core Commitments 
These are the commitments we ask our staff to strive towards for our patients, volunteers, community and to each other.

Scent Reduction 
Southlake is striving to become a scent free environment and ask that anyone within the Hospital limit the amount of scented products used to support those who may have sensitivities towards perfumed products.

Service Excellence Standards 
You would have been sent these when you first interviewed with us. Our Service Excellence Standards is the framework in which Southlake operates. Please ensure that you are familiar with these principles

Core Curriculum 
Mandatory annual online education provided to all staff and volunteers. 

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