Several copies of our culture book, entitled Our Culture: The Southlake Way
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The Southlake Way \the-sowTH-lak-wa\ (n.)
A culture that characterizes the qualities of compassion, innovation, excellence, and the ability to create opportunities out of seemingly impossible challenges. 

We Wrote the Book on Culture

Our Culture: The Southlake Way is a book that is intended to bring us together. It is full of stories and ideas that help define Our Culture, The Southlake Way. We encourage everyone to Speak Up and share their thoughts. It is through the words of Our People that we may reflect upon where we have come from, where we are today, and where we are going in the future. 

Everyone at Southlake shares a unique passion for what we do. It is shaped by Our Values and our unwavering commitment to always do our best. To maintain this level of excellence we must remain engaged and understand that we are each an integral part of the Southlake team. 

The Southlake Way is a journey that we can all be proud to take part in.

Download the Book

Our Culture: The Southlake Way is available as a PDF or as an iBook, through the iTunes Store

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