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Geriatric Clincal Day - Partnering With Real Experts: Creating Client Centered Care through the Experiences of Frail Seniors
If you could not attend the 2016 Southlake Regional Health Centre Geriatric Clinic Day which explored the unique challenges and opportunities to co-produce change with frail seniors and caregivers,  please click on the links below to view the presentations of our guest speakers:

Dr. Dave Williams, CEO
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience
Dr. David Fell, Cardiologist, VP, Patient Experiences, Regional Cancer, and Cardiac Programs
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Improving Transitions in Healthcare
Helen J. Brenner, VP, Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive
Northumberland Hills Hospital

Guiding Principles for the Care of Older Adults with Multimorbidity: An Approach for Clinicians
Dr. Adriana Bida, Geriatrician
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Workshop - Using Experience Based Design to Co-Lead Change
Susan Steels, Clinical Leader Geriatric Outreach
Annie Hayward, Geriatric Emergency Management Nurse (GEM)

Speaker Biographies:

Dr. David Fell
Dr. David Fell is Vice President, Patient Experiences, Regional Cancer and Cardiac Programs, Southlake Regional Health Centre and Regional Vice President, Cancer Services for the Central Regional Cancer Program Cancer Care Ontario. 

Dr. Fell joined Southlake in 1999 as Physician Leader, Regional Cardiac Care Program and Chief of Cardiology. Under his leadership, the program grew to become the third largest regional cardiac care program in Ontario and has received provincial, national and international recognition. He was the winner of the Ursala Bangs Award at the University of Toronto's Cardiology Research Competition in 1987 and 1988, and was recognized with Southlake's Physician Award of Excellence in 2010 – the Hospital's highest level of recognition for service and practice excellence.

Helen J. Brenner
Helen J. Brenner is Vice President, Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive, PATH Executive Lead,Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg,Ontario. The Northumberland Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare (PATH) Partnership was the 2012 recipient of The Change Foundation award to improve experiences for seniors and caregivers living with chronic health conditions as they transitioned across the healthcare system.The Northumberland PATH Partnership, led by Northumberland Hills Hospital, unites 12 health, social care, and patient advocacy organizations. Northumberland PATH was the first system-wide patient/caregiver/provider experience based co-design venture of its kind in Ontario.

Dr. Adriana Bida
Dr. Adriana Bidais a Geriatrician at Southlake Regional Health Centre. She provides leadership for geriatric care through her work on the inpatient units, clinics, and outpatient services.

Lisa Sever
Lisa Sever is a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist with Home Care Rx. Their team’s mission is to provide medically complex patients with an in-home pharmacist assessment to identify and reduce medication risk situations that compromise their ability to live safely in their home.

Susan Steels
Susan Steels is a CLHIN Clinical Leader for Geriatric Outreach and Social Worker at Southlake and is actively involved in local partnerships that put the patient first in Southlake’s effort to foster collaborative and integrated care.

Annie Hayward
Annie Hayward is a Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) Nurse at Southlake, and is actively involved in local partnerships that put the patient first in Southlake’s effort to foster collaborative and integrated care. 

More Information/Sponsorship Opportunities

For Information about future Sponsorship and the Health Fair, please contact Susan Steels, Geriatric Outreach Service at 905-895-4521, ext. 2941.


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