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Core Curriculum 2020 - Volunteers
2020 Annual Core Curriculum Education

Each year, Our People are required to honour an important commitment: completing their Core Curriculum education modules within a specific time frame. This helps to ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy environment for Our Patients and Our People.

Timelines for Completion are:
  • Current Volunteers - March 31, 2020
  • New Volunteers - within one week of start date
Where to Complete Your Courses:
  • You are welcome to complete these courses on your own home laptops/computers (tablets, ipads, smartphones, may work)
  • In the Health Sciences Resource Centre (Library East Level 1) - volunteers have swipe access should the library be closed during your shift.


  • Click each course name below to open a new window and start the course.
  • When you are finish the course, you will want to come back to to this page, but you may still need to close the course window.
  • You will need to keep track of the courses you complete as you work through the list.

  • It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser to access these courses. 
  • Chrome Icon

  • These courses will work on a tablet, however they are designed for a computer screen.

Near the beginning of each course (except Code of Conduct) you will be asked to enter your name and volunteer kiosk code. When the course is complete you will see a similar screen saying you are done. This will indicate that the course has been tracked as completed.

  • NEW VOLUNTEERS - Joining Southlake any time after Jan 1, 2020 must complete ALL of the courses below.

  • All other Volunteers, who joined Southlake prior to Dec 31 , 2018 complete ONLY those marked for ALL
  1. Accessibility Customer Service Standards (appx. 20 minutes)

  2. Ontario Human Rights Code (appx. 15 minutes)
COURSES FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS (Including New Volunteers)
  1. Civility, You, and Southlake (appx. 15 minutes)

  2. Chemical Safety Awareness (appx. 5 minutes)

  3. Code of Conduct (appx. 15 minutes)

  4. Emergency Codes (appx. 10 minutes) 

  5. Falls Prevention (appx. 5 minutes)

  6. Infection Prevention and Control (appx. 10 minutes)

  7. Privacy (appx. 10 minutes)

  8. Workplace Hazards (Violence) (appx. 5 minutes)


At the end of each course you will see a screen similar to the image below. This screen is where you provide information about yourself so that we can mark that you have completed each course. You must enter in your 4 digit Volunteer Kiosk Number, along with your first and last name.

Supported Internet Browsers:  Chrome is recommended

Internet Explorer or Edge are not recommended as some courses might not work/display properly

Accessing the courses with a tablet/ipad will work.

Code of Conduct and Emergency Codes can be a bit tricky, as you come to the screen where you will need to enter your name, you will see a large dark screen with a play button (triangle) in the middle of the screen. You will need to press this play button to enter your name and kiosk number.

Using a cell phone is not recommended.



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