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Hospice Palliative Care

The goals of Palliative Care:

  • To relieve suffering and improve the quality of living and dying;
  • To provide care to any person and/or family, living with any life-threatening illness or diagnosis;
  • To enhance or complement disease-modifying therapy or become the focus of care


The Regional Hospice Palliative Care team is working across our region to enhance the delivery of hospice palliative care, and to streamline the journey through the healthcare system for patients and their families.

Our eight Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC) and Nursing Manager are working collaboratively with the primary care teams in the community to support the provision of high quality hospice palliative care to clients and their families/caregivers in their homes and Long Term Care Centres.

Visit the Hospice Palliative Care Team’s website: http://www.centralhpcnetwork.ca/

Read the Hospice Palliative Care Team’s brochure for more information on how to make a referral, services offered and learning opportunities by clicking here

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