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Patient and Family Advisory Program
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Patient and Family Advisor Position Guide
At Southlake, the Ultimate Patient Experience Steering Committee (UPESC) is responsible for overseeing the development of a Patient Family Advisory Program. Through this program, patients, family members/care givers or chosen support persons will be recruited and trained to serve as Patient Family Advisors on various Councils, Committees, and Working Groups.

Purpose of Position
In support of Southlake’s commitment to create and support the Ultimate Patient Experience, the role of Patient Family Advisors (PFAs) is to join a Council, Committee, or Working Group and work in partnership with staff and physicians as discussions, plans, and decisions are being made about the delivery of healthcare services at Southlake.

Patient and Family Advisor Benefits
  • Share your knowledge and abilities as a recent patient, family member/caregiver, or chosen support person
  • Directly contribute to the delivery of the Ultimate Patient Experience at Southlake
  • Gain new experiences and insights into the operations of a large, community-based hospital

Hours of Service
Hours will vary depending upon the nature of the Committee, or Working Group’s, mandate.
Position Requirements
  • Must have been a patient or family member/caregiver or chosen support person of a patient who received care at Southlake in the past five years
  • Good listening and communication skills, respectful of the opinions of others
  • Comfortable speaking in a group and interacting with others
  • Able to effectively share thoughts and opinions
  • Open to seeing beyond their own personal experience
  • Comes prepared to actively participate in the meetings and/or activities as outlined on the agenda
  • Must comply with Southlake’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality /Security Agreement
  • Must complete Patient Family Advisor general orientation
  • Must complete Patient Family Advisor program specific orientation, where applicable
  • Must complete a Vulnerable Sector Search (i.e., Police Check); 2-step Tuberculosis (TB) test; and show proof of up-to-date immunization
  • Advise Council/Committee Chair or Working Group Lead person if unable to attend/participate at any scheduled meetings or related activities


Opportunities for Volunteering as a Patient and Family Advisor

Patient Family Advisors (PFAs) will be part of one or two of the following groups, based on interests and needs.

Corporate Patient Family Advisory Council (Corp. PFAC) – The Corporate PFAC is chaired by PFAs and reports directly to the UPESC. It plays a role in the development of corporate-level policies, procedures, and processes and oversees the activities of program-level PFACs and PFAs assigned to committees and/or working groups. Membership is limited.

Program-level Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) - The Program-level PFACs are chaired by PFAs and are associated with Southlake’s major program areas (e.g., Cardiac, Cancer, Emergency, etc.). These PFACs play a role in the development of program-level procedures, processes, and decisions affecting the delivery of care to a specific patient population. Membership is limited.

Working Groups/Committees – PFAs have the opportunity to join various committees and working groups to ensure the voice of the patient is considered when plans and decisions affecting the delivery of care and/or other hospital-related activities are being discussed. Every effort is made to ensure that no less than two PFAs are assigned to working groups and committees that elect to have PFAs included.
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