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About the Campaign 

The FOBT test, you prescribed it, the patient completed it….now let’s ensure there is a test result!

The Make it Stick campaign was developed in response to the common experience of FOBT kits being rejected by the lab. The primary reason for FOBT kit rejection is incorrect labeling or no patient demographic label at all.

The Make it Stick Campaign is designed to reduce the number of rejected FOBT tests in PCP offices across the Central Region. 

What's included in the kit:

· 25 ScreenZine Magazines to circulate in your waiting/examination rooms for patients to read. The latest edition of the ScreenZine from the Central Regional Cancer Program highlights patient stories, provides myth busters about cancer, and includes updated cancer screening guidelines and prevention strategies.

· 25 York Region Cancer Screening Cards to help patients track their cancer screening tests.

· 10 MyCancerIQ Pens for staff to use as a “thank you” from the Central Regional Cancer Program.

· Make it Stick Patient Checklist to distribute to patients with their FOBT kit. This helps to ensure that completed FOBT tests will not be rejected. We recommend that you preload these into FOBT kits while you are checking the expiry dates.

· Make it Stick Information Card to be posted in your office as a reminder of the common reasons for FOBT rejections and what your staff can do to help.

· Make it Stick Sticky Notes for staff to use for staff to use as a “thank you” from the Central Regional Cancer Program and serve as a reminder of the Campaign.

· Make it Stick Primary Care Provider Survey. We appreciate your feedback! Please complete this survey and fax it to 905.952.2461.

Sign up today, quanities are limited! 

Or call: 905.895.4521 ext 6065

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