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Frequently Asked Questions for Benefits and Pensions
Who can join Health and Dental benefit plan?
Our current Health and Dental benefit plan is offered to all Permanent Full Time employees up to age 70.

When can I join Health and Dental benefit? 
Eligible employees can join when

·   On date of hire 

Benefit Enrolment Form is due within 30 days after hire date

·   Employee transfer to Permanent Full Time status 

Benefit Enrolment Form is due within 30 days after transfer date

·   Open enrolment period (in around the month of November to have benefit effective in January of following year)

Benefit Enrolment Form is due by the end of the open enrolment period

·   Life event

o    Birth of a child

o    Marital Status change

o    Common law relationship (living in a conjugal relationship for minimum of one year). Click here to download the Statutory declaration of Common-Law Union if you don’t already have a legal letter. 

o    Spousal insurance coverage change

o    Dependents aging out of the plan

o    etc

Benefit Enrolment Form is due within 60 days after life event occurred.

Supporting documents will be required to support the life event (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate, start/end of insurance coverage letter)

What age do we provide dependent benefit coverage up to? 
Age 21 unless they are a full time student at an accredited university or college.  To continue cover beyond your child's 21st birthday, proof of full-time students status at an accredited post-secondary college or university is required. 
The following documentation is required upon your child's 21st birthday and annually up to age 26 where applicable : 
  • Letter from the school confirming full-time student status, or
  • Photocopy of confirmation of acceptance into a full-time program
Benefit coverage for those who provide proof will be maintained until August 31 of the following year. Failure to provide will result in cancellation of coverage on their 21st birthday or for those greater than 21 years, effective September 1st of the academic year.

How do I remove a dependent from my health and dental plan? 
Contact Total Rewards within 60 days of the life event or during Open Enrollment period

How do I update my beneficiary for life insurance? 
Download, complete and sign the Request for Designation Change of Beneficiary. Send the completed original signed form to Benefits and Pension Specialist, Human Resources.

Who can join HOOPP(Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan)?
Full-time and employees at a HOOPP employer, join HOOPP immediately upon date of hire.

Part-time and casual employees can join HOOPP at any time, i.e. upon date of hire or after.

How do I update my beneficiary for my Pension (HOOPP)? 
Check your Annual Statement, or visit HOOPP Connect to ensure your spouse and beneficiary(s) are on record and to make any changes.
Download and complete the HOOPP Beneficiary Designation Form and send directly to HOOPP. 

How do I submit benefit claims to ClaimSecure? 
Visit the ClaimSecure website to watch the tutorial.

Is there a waiting period for benefits? 
A new hire has a three month waiting period for benefits (six months for Long-term Disability). If you are part time transferring to full time your hours will be eligible towards reducing the waiting period. Benefits always commence on the first day of the month after the waiting period.

Contact Total Rewards for information related to Pension and Benefits

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