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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  The primary goal of my project is to improve healthcare outcomes at Southlake.  Is this considered research?
Your project may not require REB approval if it is determined to be a quality improvement or quality assurance project.  Click on the link to find out more about Quality Improvement Activities vs Research.
Q:  Are there any minimum research ethics training requirements at Southlake Regional Health Centre?
Yes, Southlake Regional Health Centre has a policy for the ethical conduct of research that requires a Qualified or Prinicipal Investigator to provide proof of completion of one of the following courses: 
  • For Clinical Trial Research, the required certification is completion of the CITI – Canada Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Guidelines Course (see or GCP Resfresher Course (as applicable). Equivalent certification programs with proof of a passing grade will be considered and may include:
    1. NIH Protecting Human Subject Research Participants online training
    2. NCIC Clinical Trials Group training
    3. Pfizer Canada Clinical Trial Certification
  • For all other research (minimal risk research eligible for delegated [expedited] REB review), the required certification is completion of either:
    1. The Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) online tutorial: Tri-Council Policy Statement Guidelines (TCPSs); Course on Research Ethics (CORE)


    1. Biomedical Research Ethics Training (CITI-Canada)
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